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Your employees are your greatest advocates

Your employees are your greatest advocates
Getting employees involved in company social media can help you attract talent.
Who better to trust than the people that work there?
Tips for creating a successful employee engagement strategy. Because your employees are your greatest advocates. 
1. Provide training: give employees confidence by providing support. Help them understand, for example, how hashtags work (and how they need to be used differently on LinkedIn). Advise them on the type of content that gets the most engagement. Show them examples of people at the company that are doing it well and how this has increased their sales. Demonstrate how social media can benefit them so they see it as a positive task and not an extra thing to add to their to do list.
2. Provide a clear strategy: let staff know what you would like them to share and why it is important. Would you like them to be creating original content themselves? Do you want them to comment on your company post or share with their network.
3. Talk to your employees: what type of content are they interested in sharing? What type of content do they engage with? Make sure they know what campaigns are coming up and what you would like them to do to support the company.
4. Provide lots of content: ideally you want to be creating content that your team are excited to share. Not content that they feel they must. Give them lots of choice so that they can share content that they care about and that suits their personal connections.
5. Create social media advocates: make team members accountable by selecting advocates to work within teams. These advocates not only encourage and support more social engagement but can also report back on how engaged the team are and how they are feeling.
6. Run a competition: create some healthy competition between teams. Who can get their post in front of the most people? Who is the top engager for that month. Recognise and appreciate those doing it well and inspire others.
If you need support with employee engagement or company social media training please contact Marketing Pace. 
Read more about how Marketing Pace worked with recruitment company Huntress to review and make changes to their existing employer brand in order to attract talent. 

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