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Marketing Consultants
Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategist Chislehurst 

Marketing Strategy

Whether you are launching a start-up and need a marketing plan, or you are an established business that needs some fresh ideas, Marketing Pace can help.

We will get to know your business and make sure we understand your audiences and goals. We genuinely care about the success of your businesses and this is what helps generate our incredible results.  

We regularly work as an extension of a pre-existing team. We have been integrated into large business set-ups. And we have worked alongside senior management teams, speaking at company events, as well as providing company training on challenges such as increasing employee advocacy and engagement. 

We can help you clarify your mission, vision and values. We can support you in how you communicate these to your staff and to your external audience. 

Our company audit can explore your perceived employer brand, your competitors and market influences and segmentation. 

Our consultancy services are designed to help you move your business forward, whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, upscale your existing offerings or are looking for help with a specific project or event.

Facebook Ads that stop the scroll

Facebook Ads specialist  Chislehurst 

Facebook Ads that stop the scroll

Have you dabbled with Facebook Ads but not been happy with the results? Perhaps your current strategy doesn’t seem to be working. Or are you looking at your ad account with no idea what any of the stats mean?

If you want to get the most from your Facebook Ads, hire a professional Facebook marketing expert to run your campaigns. We will create ads that ‘stop the scroll’ using a variety of graphics and video.  Sam is a graduate from The Facebook™ ADcelerator Group Training Programme, run by highly-acclaimed Emma Van Heusen.

An ongoing member of the ‘Digital Tribe’: a vast network of the best Facebook Marketers in the UK, Sam has access to a network of professional ads experts and trainers. In the ever-changing world of social media, Sam is connected to those who hear it first!

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Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Consultant Chislehurst greater London

Social media management that starts conversations

Marketing Pace will implement social strategies to help grow your business. These include everything from creating social content and eye-catching designs that help you stand out from the crowd, to managing your online community. 

We can offer a full review of your existing social media and give you advice on how to get your message out clearly and in a timely fashion. We can make sure your Facebook and Instagram pages are set up for success. We will also help you start conversations through our engagement strategies so you can build genuine connections. 

We know how important it is to build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn. We can help you increase your social presence with a strong profile and original copy. We can also support your employees to build their own brands and help them become brand ambassadors for the company. Creating original content demonstrates that you are knowledgeable, it creates a sense of trust and credibility, and it starts conversations.

Perhaps you know you need to do more social media but you never have enough time. Marketing Pace can take some of that stress away by working with you to create and deliver social content that increases engagement.

Employer branding
Build a authentic employer brand

Marketing Consultant Chislehurst and London

Build an authentic employer brand

An employer brand in simple terms, is your ‘people brand’. It is how you market the business as a good employer and as a great place to work. This has to be authentic. Not only do you want to be seen as an employer of choice, but your employees (as your greatest advocates) have to believe and champion that this is true. It comes down to how they feel on a Sunday night about going to work on a Monday morning. 

Get your employer brand right, and you can attract quality employees who are better aligned with your business and, most importantly, retain them. 

Working in conjunction with HR and the senior management team, Marketing Pace can offer a employer brand audit which helps you understand where your business is positioned and where improvements can be made. We will then work with you to implement new initiatives that ensure your employees become company ambassadors and your company reputation is the best it can possibly be.  

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Branding Experts
Clare Coates and Samantha Rumens

Branding Experts and Website Design 

Making brands work

Your brand is not just your logo! It is how your brand makes people feel and it is what they say about you when you are not in the room.

Marketing Pace takes the time to fully-understand your business in order to create a brand that truly represents you, your values and your vision.

We have built numerous websites for our clients and our social media designs are always stunning and on-brand. 

If you simply need a new logo, a new menu or a brochure to showcase your businesses services, we can also help you with ideas, content and design.

Copywriting Experts
Creative content written for algorithms

Copywriting Consultants South East London 

Creative content written for algorithms

If you are looking for compelling copy, site engine optimised (SEO) content or professional editing and proofing services, you are in the right place. We will make sure your message is clear, concise and unique, as well as being aligned to your business objectives.

Are you connecting with your customer by using the right tone of voice? Are you giving them the hard sell or are you giving them content they will really value and care about? We can help you create content that talks directly to your customer and encourages engagement – content such as blogs, press releases or social copy.

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