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Sales make me feel icky!

Sales make me feel icky!

Sales make me feel icky! 
I find it easier to think of adding value in a post rather than selling. The more you can give your audience away for free the larger that audience will become. 
I think it’s better to think about building and nurturing relationships. People are less likely to follow you if they come across a post and you are selling something than they would if you are giving them something of value. 
I listened to a great masterclass by Business & Money Coach, Hayley Forbes. Hayley talks about attracting aligned clients (or your soulmate clients) by using stories and authenticity rather than the hard sell. It resonated with me because I often find selling uncomfortable. 
Hayley’s way of ‘selling’ means people reach out to her asking how they can work with her rather than her bombarding them with DMs and adverts. 
Sounds good hey? So how do we attract our aligned clients? Well if I think about the people I have worked with over a period of time I have always felt I’ve had a connection with them.
Whether it’s because they are entrepreneurs or single mums, or if they’ve been in a position they’ve had to raise their income fast for the sake of their kids. Often they’ve had to put themselves out of their comfort zone and get visible and what’s inspiring is that they’ve been successful in it! I’ve worked with them and continue to work with many of them because I see myself in them. I get to know them and I trust them. They are always authentic and honest in their social media. I was attracted to them and I never felt I’d been given the hard sell. 
Some tips for creating authentic social media that attracts your aligned clients. 
– be your authentic self 
– tell stories and let people get to know you
– build your personal brand
– create content that adds value 
– share your why 
This type of marketing attracts people to your audience while nurturing your existing audience. 
People don’t buy your knowledge, they buy who you are. 
You never know who’s watching you and who your next client might be.

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