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Is that really you? Or is it time to update your LinkedIn profile.

Is that really you? Or is it time to update our LinkedIn profile.

Is that really you? 🧐

If your LinkedIn profile is the same as when you set it up, chances are it might be time to update it.

Earlier this month, I ran company-wide LinkedIn training for one of my clients.

I thought I’d share a few tips for building a personal brand on LinkedIn.

1. Choose a good profile image: make sure your face fills most of the circle and that you have a nice sharp and recognisable image (not one from 15 years ago!). It’s easy to remove a background in Canva and you can even add your brand colours in behind you. Like I have!

2. Utilise your banner image (the large image at the top): choose an image that is relevant to you and your business and consider adding a strapline that says exactly what you do. It needs to be immediately clear who you are in the first few seconds someone lands on your page.

3. Include a strong summary: this is your opportunity to shine. Bring your profile to life so people can get to know and trust you. Don’t just list your skills but think about what makes you unique. Also consider the types of keywords and hashtags someone might use when looking for someone just like you!

4. Don’t just use your headline as a job title: your headline shows on your profile but also when you engage on someone else’s posts. So it’s a great way to be found. Explain (succinctly) how exactly you help your clients.

5. Check your contact details are not out of date: changed your website, email address or telephone? It’s worth double checking that you updated these details on LinkedIn too!

Let me know if this was useful and if you made any changes to your LinkedIn profile!

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