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Ten ways to improve your employer brand strategy so you can attract the best talent.

Employer brand strategy London-10 ways to improve your employer brand

How to attract talent by improving your employer brand.

1. Get feedback from your workforce
Always start internally with your employees. How do they view your employer brand? Are there any changes they would like to see happen? You can’t promote that you have a great employer brand to the outside world without having your employees on board.

2. Establish your core values and mission
People care more than ever about the values and ethics of the company they work for. Make sure yours are clear, honest and appealing to potential employees.

3. Nurture your culture
Company culture is hugely important when determining the success of a business. A happy, inclusive and collaborative workforce will boost morale and increase productivity. A contented team will also talk positively about your company externally and they are much more likely to support you online.

4. Check out the competition 
Consider why you might be losing talent to a competitor. Your competition can give you valuable insight into what works (and of course what doesn’t). How can you build an employer brand that differentiates you from them? 

5. Treat candidates like customers 
Job-seekers want to know about your company’s expectations, work style and culture at interview. Make sure the interview process is positive, fair and engaging, whatever the outcome.

6. Create slick onboarding and offboarding processes
Make sure your onboarding process is organised, informative and welcoming. Employer branding is almost more important on the way out as it is on the way in. Exit interviews give employees a chance to share valuable feedback with you, to help shape your future initiatives.

7. Share company and employee stories on social media 
Storytelling is an opportunity to make your brand more human and personal. It gives the opportunity to tell the stories of the real people behind the business. This helps attract the type of candidates that align with you business and culture.

8. Provide decent perks and benefits
Employee benefits need to be competitive within your industry niche. They should also match your values and be tailored to the wellbeing and lifestyle of your employees.

9. Be authentic and transparent 
You can’t fake authenticity. Be yourself. Being open and honest as a brand allows you to make stronger connections with your target audience.

10. Test different initiatives and keep learning
Test different ideas to see which work best and which your employees find most beneficial. Keep listening, learning and adapting.
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