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Do your business and life values align?

Do your business and life values align?

I have been thinking about my core values this month, focusing on both my life values and the values that are important for my business.

With the help of the wonderful coach Steve Chamberlain, I had already discovered and defined my life values. Recently though, I have been concentrating on how these relate to my business. What I find interesting is how my personal values are still highly relevant when it comes to my business ambitions as well as the clients I enjoy working with. Here are my top five:

  • Nurturing
    Life: providing the best possible future for my daughters, with the support of my family.
    Business: offering my clients as much knowledge as I can to help them grow and develop their own passions.


  • Friendships and relationships
    Life: I would be lost without my friends, especially when things get tough.
    Business: I aim to build long-term relationships with my clients, letting them know they can come back to me any time.


  • Freedom
    Life: freedom is the reason I decided I wanted to work for myself and why I don’t want to return to a corporate position at present.
    Business: by supporting entrepreneurs and businesses with their marketing and social media needs, I provide them with more time (and therefore freedom) to focus on what is important to them.


  • Excitement
    Life: I always love to try new things and I don’t like to be bored…not that I get the chance to be very often!
    Business: working with different businesses across varying sectors keeps things interesting. One day I might be writing about Indian Cuisine, the next about burpees and shuttle sprints!


  • Order
    Life: Yes, I do like a bit of order, I love a good to-do list and I find messiness pretty difficult! But these attributes help me keep on top of all my home diary, not least organising my girls’ hectic social life!
    Business: my organisation skills are critical when I’m juggling numerous projects at once.


The examples above give you an idea of why working with clients or consultants who share your values makes sense. With this recent thinking, I have also discovered that many of my existing clients already share a number of my beliefs. These clients may work across a variety of seemingly unrelated sectors, but the common thread is that they are all business owners who want to make a difference, either for their clients and customers, the wider community, or for the environment.

This is true whether their product is an environmentally friendly paint that provides cleaner air and safer surfaces, or if they are a supplier of charging units for electric cars, helping the UK build an EV charging infrastructure, or maybe even a personal trainer who helps clients get fit and healthy.  All these people are all seeking to make a positive change. Maybe that is why my partnerships work with these clients: our goals and values are so closely aligned. And, let’s be honest, isn’t it always so much easier working with nice people?!

If your business can give you a sense of meaning and fulfilment, it will be so much more rewarding.

What are your values and how do they reflect your business choices?  I’d love to know!

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