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Are you a social media oversharer?

Are you a social media oversharer?

How to get more visible on social media 

Are you a social media oversharer?
Or are you not sharing enough of your personality on your business page?
It’s worth considering who you enjoy following and why? Do you feel a connection with them because you’ve got to know them? People tend to buy from people who they feel they know, like and trust.
What I choose to talk about:
✔️The challenges of running my own business
✔️My girls and the challenges of being a single mum
✔️My self development journey
✔️Imposter syndrome and getting more visible
✔️The dog!
What I choose not to talk about:
❌ The money I earn (well not in any real detail anyway)
❌ My friends (their lives are their own)
❌ My ex out of respect for my girls, because no matter what’s gone on with me and him he’s still their father.
I’m not saying for one minute if you decide to talk about those things you are wrong. Some of my favorite accounts to follow talk about these subjects.
What I will say is that my more personal posts always out performing the rest. Even on LinkedIn. Where someone people still think it’s not the place (it is these days by the way!).
You need to decide what you are comfortable with and set your own boundaries. But don’t forget people will be much keener to work with you if they connect with you. And showing a bit of the real you will attract people like you. Meaning you find the most aligned clients and partnerships!
Remember, balance is everything with your social media posting routine. So make sure you have a mix of informative business posts and more personal posts.
What will you share?

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